It's so great to have excellent work done by someone in the neighborhood! Travis made the installation of our new furnace easy and seamless; we now have a much more efficient appliance, a smarter thermostat, and fewer worries. He left our basement cleaner than he found it, and was communicative and immediately available throughout the entire process. I hope our air conditioner lasts for a few more years, but whenever it dies I'll be calling Orbit once again.
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As part of a larger remodel, Travis recently relocated the furnace, gas line, and replaced the majority of ducting in our basement. We hired Travis because he was the only HVAC contractor we met with that actually took the time to run calculations and fully-scope the project before delivering us a bid... Having hired and managed contractors for the past 7 years, we have high standards. We were pleasantly surprised with Travis's work. His work was meticulous, and he took the time to do things right where others might have cut corners... Read More

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Such a great team! We love the work you did moving our furnace and replacing all our ductwork. The basement is double the size. The effort you put in our house shows, thanks for treating our space like it was your own. We literally want cold weather now just so we can use our furnace :) Thanks Travis, it was great meeting you neighbor!

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