Orbit is available to troubleshoot your home's furnace or other heating system problem and get your it back online fast so you can get back to what matters. Count on us to give you prompt, honest service and reasonable rates on repair. Become our next satisfied customer. Schedule Now.

What you get


When your home’s comfort is disrupted it's natural to want a fast resolution so that your family stays warm and safe. Orbit will be responsive to your call to schedule a time to diagnose and repair your furnace.


We offer excellent service from a specialist who has over 15 years of experience and is current in the newest HVAC tech and certifications. Expert knowledge means your problem is diagnosed correctly and fixed properly.


Orbit charges an hourly service fee to come to your home and diagnose your furnace problem. A standard service call is $85 during business hours, more for emergency calls after hours. Once we know what is wrong, we will provide you with the cost for the repair including parts and labor. 


Your Satisfaction is important.

This year has been a litany of homeownership woes, and several of our Realtor friends pointed us in Travis’ direction. And thank goodness, because just today he managed to save us over $500 on a way overpriced bid to fix an issue with our furnace...
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